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High-quality Exclusive candle collection from Bella candle factory. Our candles are hand-poured and hand packed by our artists in our Factory-Store in Downtown LA, making each candle one completely unique.

The candle design is fitting for all parts of the house and outdoor, wherever you want to create a pleasant atmosphere and style, with pleasant scents that will envelop the room's space and give you an unconditional harmony of color and delightful feeling of peaceful and relaxing aroma

This is a stylish and original gift for both men and women, each hand-poured candle in this collection is so gorgeously packaged, each one is wrapped in beautiful fabric, gives your gift a uniquely stylish finish.

After the wax is gone, repurpose the jar as a planter, organizer or decor item


Himalayan Bamboo: It is a light and calming scent, A complex union of bamboo foliage and green florals. The natural, subtle character of this fragrance is calming rather than overwhelming, so it is well suited for a high-end or aroma-therapy line - where a room filling, not house filling fragrance is desired. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including Bergamot.

- "It reminds me of the vacations we’ve taken at Emerald Isle, NC. You know, that early morning smell that the beach has just before the sun beats down heating everything up"

- 3 wicks candle - 100% natural cotton wicks

- Height 5.5" , Width 5"
- 1 x Candle in Ceramic vase (Net Wax weight: 33.7oz.(2.1 lb), Total weight 61oz (3.8 lb))
- You will enjoy this candle for over 150 hours of burn time
- The color of the ceramic vase is a light pink

**Packing fabric color comes different from the image, according to existing inventory

Materials & Production
- We use 100% Vegan soy wax, cruelty-free, natural fragrance oils.
- Made in the USA by Bella candle factory
- Hand made, hand poured, hand packed