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Jelly Cherry

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Dolce Cup's collection:
Bella produces unique design of dessert candles in a special shape jar, they look like real desserts and likewise smell like real desserts, and they were definitely handmade and made with great care, This is what makes each candle to one of a kind sweet candle.

Use this candle as a touching sweet unique gift for any reason you need a gift, if you want to spoil yourself, or if you need a special gift for someone you love and even if it is not for someone special, you will leave an impression for anyone giving this sweet candle.

Its design will make you remember all those times you ate something sweet and spent some fun and delicious time and the smell will make you crave for a good dessert

When was the last time you brought a dessert home and no one ate it? now you have the opportunity to burn all that calories with no effort at all.

Dessert Candle cups are perfect for the Holiday's Gifts, Home Decor, tabletops. Perfect B-DAY candle, blow your sweet wish with this unique candle, perfect for events giveaway favors!

Product Details:
Height: 3.88 Inches
Jar Capacity: 270 ml (9.1oz)
Wax: Natural vegan Soy Wax and natural fragrance oils
Made in the USA
Burn time approximately 35 hours
The jar comes with a lid, the color of the lid may come different than what picture shows - upon the stock
*Contact us for custom request and scent change