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Waffle Candle collection
Have you ever seen a dessert on fire? you can burn this dessert and see how the sweetness melting all over your plate

You can't go wrong with this special dessert candle, if you give this candle as a gift, the first reaction you'll have is "How to eat it?!"
It's such a fun gift to give, the sweet and surprising candle to someone you love

A piece of waffle with whipped cream is a special decor that can sweeten any corner you want

The aroma makes this hand-made scented candle perfect for the holidays, home decor, table decor, unique gift for any special occasion. The candles unique design makes this a great gift for women and men, buy and girl. adding a touch of sweet beauty to any room, office, and event.

Perfect B-DAY candle, blow your sweet wish with this unique waffle candle.

Our Waffle candles will leak and mess. We recommend placing your candle on a plate large enough to hold the melting wax.

Melting Wax: Our waffle Candles are designed to melt in ways that are different from traditional candles. During the burning process, they will melt outside its form. You should put the Candle on a non-flammable surface such as glass or ceramic dish to prevent fire.

-Burn time approximately 6 hours

Product Details:
Height: 3''
Width: 3.5''
Length: 4.8''
Weight: 9oz
Full pack weight: 9.5 oz
Natural vegan Soy Wax
The scent made from natural fragrance oils
100% cotton wick 2 wicks